How Do Residents Oversee Use of Home Rule?

Residents oversee the use of home rule through the normal election process. Every two years half of the aldermen are elected and every four years the Mayor is elected.  Just as the City Council may introduce a resolution asking voters if Columbia should become a home rule government, a resolution may be introduced asking voters if Columbia should cease to be a home rule government.

Additionally, participation in City Council meetings is another forum in which to exercise oversight. Citizens have the right at every meeting to address the governing body.  

In advance of the April 4th election, the City Council is contemplating imposing controls on this Council (and future Councils) covering the following areas:

  • Imposing a debt limit aligned with current statutory requirements
  • Imposing a restriction on property tax increases
  • Requiring a supermajority for the enactment of certain taxes/fees

Finally, voters can file a petition to rescind Home Rule by referendum.

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