GM&O Heritage Trail

This unique walking and casual cycling trail commemorates its former role as a railroad that linked the small town of Columbia to the outside world before automobiles and highways made travel easier. Railroad signage along the trail helps walkers and recreational bicyclists experience what the train crew and passengers viewed as they traveled the line to or from St. Louis to Columbia. Currently 1.7 miles of the trail are paved, with plans for expansion in either direction. 

Completion of the linear park trail will be in phases as finances are available, but once complete, it will stretch from State Route 3 at South Main Street north to Quarry Road at State Route 3 (once known as Millstadt Junction) and then on to the intersection with the Union Pacific rail line under the overpass for Interstate 255 (once known as Bixby Junction), a total distance of over 3 miles.

GM&O Trail