Fence Permit

Fence Building Permit Guideline

All fences constructed in the Columbia City limits are required to have a permit issued prior to construction. (Exception: temporary protective fencing used during excavation / construction /grading is permitted without issuance of a fence permit.)

Why is it important to secure a building permit?
A building permit ensures that your building project is structurally sound, that it complies with the building and zoning codes and more importantly to ensure the safety of the resident and public.

How do I obtain a building permit?
A building permit application to install a fence may be picked up from the Clerk’s Office at Columbia City Hall or click here to print a copy. After submitting your application, the building inspector will review the application and site plan indicating the location of the fence. If all requirements are met, the permit will be approved.

How long does it take to get a permit?
In most cases, the permit will be issued in five(5) to seven (7) working days after the completed application has been submitted.

Is there a permit fee?
A $16.00 permit fee will be collected when the approved fence permit is picked up from the Clerk’s Office.

Fence Requirements

  • No fence shall exceed seventy-two (72) inches in height, and shall be properly maintained at all times.
  • If the proposed fencing surrounds a swimming pool, it shall be a minimum height of four (4) feet and shall comply with all applicable BOCA National Building Codes.

Fence Placement

  • All fence components shall stay on or within property lines.
  • Fencing constructed on or within easements is subject to removal without compensation.
  • Installation of fencing may not disturb/impede existing drainage patterns/swales or natural water flows.
  • No fences shall be permitted in the front yard of a building line.
  • No fencing shall be placed within a 15 foot sight triangle or otherwise impede vehicular vision.

Prohibited Fence Materials

  • No barbed wire or other sharp pointed fence and no electrically charged fence are allowed to be erected in the City of Columbia.
Fence Permit Site Plan Examples

Please Note, city approval does not constitute subdivision approval. The City recommends you contract trustees in your subdivision for any subdivision requirements.

Check List

  • Submit completed application and site plan to Clerk’s Office.
  • Building Commissioner reviews and approves if all requirements are met.
  • City Clerks Office will inform applicant when approved permit is available for pick up at City Hall. The $16.00 fee will be due at this time.
  • Construction of fence may begin.

This is a general guide for the construction of a fence within the City of Columbia, IL. All code requirements are too extensive to list within this guide. For specific questions or further information, please contact the BUILDING PERMIT OFFICE AT (618) 281-7144 EXT. 105.