Fence Permits

Fence Permitting Costs

Fence permit costs $50.00 this includes the cost for inspection after installation.

  1. Submittal Process
  2. Review Process

Fence Permitting Process

REQUIREMENTS: The items listed below must be submitted to the Building & Zoning Office.  All fences constructed in the Columbia City limits are required to have a Fence Permit issued prior to construction. (Exception:  temporary protective fencing used during excavation / construction / grading is permitted without issuance of a fence permit.)

  • Application: Please complete this Fence Permit Application in its entirety.
  • Picture of Fence:  A picture of the requested fence material must be submitted with this Application.
  • Site Plan:  A site plan illustrating (with dimensions) the fence location relative to the property lines, utilities, structures, and easements within the property.
  • Home Owner Association (HOA) / Developer Approval: If applicable, include written approval.   (City approval does not constitute subdivision approval.  Contact subdivision Trustees/Developer for any requirements

Fence Placement

  1. All fence components shall stay on or within property lines;
  2. Fencing constructed on or within easements is subject to removal without compensation;
  3. Installation of fencing may not disturb/impede existing drainage patterns/swales or natural water flows;
  4. No fencing shall be permitted in the front yard of a building line;
  5. No fencing shall be placed within a 15 foot sight triangle or otherwise impede vehicular vision.

Fence Requirements

  • No fence shall exceed seventy-two (72) inches in height, and shall be properly maintained at all times.
  • If the proposed fencing surrounds a swimming pool, it shall be a minimum height of four (4) feet and shall comply with all applicable BOCA National Building Codes.

Prohibited Fence Materials

  • No barbed wire or other sharp pointed fence and no electrically charged fence are allowed to be erected in the City of Columbia.

Inspection Schedule

NOTE: Please call for an inspection once your fence has been installed.
Type of Inspection Cost Contact Phone #
Final Inspection $75.00 Building & Zoning Office 618-281-7144 ext. 105

This is a general guide for the construction of a fence within the City of Columbia, IL.  All code requirements are too extensive to list within this guide. For specific questions or further information, please contact the Building & Zoning Office at (618) 281-7144 Ext. 105.