Code Compliance

Neighborhood Improvement Officer

The Neighborhood Improvement Officer works directly under the supervision of the City Building Official and the Director of Community Development to ensure that Columbia stays the beautiful city we all love and call home. The Neighborhood Improvement Officer is responsible for upholding the Columbia Municipal Code pertaining to housing and property maintenance. The goal of the Neighborhood Improvement Officer is to serve the residents of Columbia in a mutual effort to keep our community up to the standards that are acceptable to us all.


  • Receiving complaints from residents and business owners about properties throughout the city that have possible code violations (anonymous calls are welcome as well)
  • Working with residents and business owners to help navigate the Columbia Municipal Code
  • Working collaboratively with the Columbia Police Department, Monroe County Animal Control and Public Works to alleviate any nuisances or maintenance issues on public or private property throughout the city
  • Performing property maintenance and housing inspections city-wide