About the City


Bob Hill Flag BackgroundLocated 15 minutes from most locations in the St. Louis region and steeped in small-town charm, Columbia is a world away from the big-city bustle. From our historic downtown Main Street with upscale boutiques and unique restaurants to pristine natural settings for fun and recreation and historical sites for exploring, Columbia is rich in tradition with new reasons to visit every year.

The City has a vivid and diverse spirit developed from the history that shaped it. In the mid-1600’s, the French landed here as the first European settlers, followed by the British, who controlled the territory through most of the 18th century until American Revolutionaries drove them out. The original town, starting with Fort Whiteside and Fort Piggott, was built by a Fritz Snickelhandful of American settlers on high bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River. In 1835, German immigrants made their way to Columbia, and through their industry, thrift and methodical work, transformed the city into the thriving community it is today. Despite its growth, Columbia has maintained its charming qualities and quaint characteristics as portrayed through its town mascot, Fritz Snickel.

One of our City’s treasures is our Historic Main Street. With its outdoor patios and German vernacular buildings, visitors enjoy diverse dining experiences and historical walking tours, among the bustling retail and commercial activity they’ll discover there. Visitors from near and far relish the sense of place and authenticity Columbia offers.

Columbia is home to plentiful parks and scenic bluffs, as well as superior amenities and unique venues. Come explore everything Columbia has to offer. Whether visiting Columbia for a day, weekend, or a lifetime, it’s all here, and we welcome you!


Mayor Bob Hill