Snow Removal

There are certain things to keep in mind about the Public Works Department performing their snow removal activities.  Here are a couple of highlights:

  • When snow is forecast, if at all possible please remove vehicles from the streets and roadways.  In some areas with parked vehicles on the streets and roadways attempting to navigate a large truck with a snow plow and salt spreader is nearly impossible.  The more working room allowed for the trucks and equipment the faster the snow removal activities can take place.
  • Please do not push or throw snow from drives and walks into the street.  This is just extra snow to manage plus it may result in calls to the Public Works Department to remove a potential hazard in the street or roadway meaning other snow removal activities have to be put on hold to take care of the potential hazard.
  • During a heavy snowfall event the Public Works Department’s first priority is to keep the more heavily traveled streets and roadways open.  Secondary and subdivision streets will be accomplished as snow removal activities continue and the rate of snowfall starts to subside.  Plowing and removing snow in cul-de-sac areas is time consuming and tedious and takes away from other snow removal activities.  Cul-de-sac areas are one of the last areas to be fully cleared of snow.