Electronic Message Center

The City of Columbia owns and operates an electronic message center (EMC) located at the Department of Public Works on the southwest corner of the intersection of IL Route 3 and Sand Bank Road. The sign is for City use only for:

  • Providing accurate, timely and clear information about City news, City-approved community events, municipal programs and services, public safety and emergency preparedness, weather updates and city-building initiatives to City of Columbia residents, businesses, visitors and other stakeholders;
  • Increasing accessibility to local government in order to encourage greater interest and participation in local affairs;
  • Promoting greater transparency in government
  • Providing information which will add value to the City by raising awareness, sharing information and encouraging public involvement.
  • Promoting tourism.

Information Limits

City information posted on the sign is strictly limited to:

  • Upcoming City of Columbia public events, public meetings or workshops
  • Upcoming Council and Committee meetings
  • City of Columbia public service announcements, including closures and disruptions to a City facility or service
  • Emergency communications
  • Promotion of a city-sponsored strategic initiative or program
  • International delegations to City Hall such as Sister Cities
  • Public notice of general information to City residents
  • Festivals and events that take place on City property and have been approved by City Council through a Special Event Permit Application.

View Electronic Message Center (EMC) Standards.