2019 Ordinances

Ordinance No. 3445:  An Ordinance to Approve an Easement Dedication and Easement Vacation Affecting Lots 38 and 39 of "Fox Run Estates Phase 3" Subdivision in the City of Columbia, Illinois.  (January 7, 2019)  (Recorded January 15, 2019)

Ordinance No. 3446:  An Ordinance Amending Title 15 "Buildings and Construction" and Chapter 18.25 "Building Permits" of the City of Columbia Municipal Code to Incorporate Temporary Structure Permit Requirements and Appropriate Fees.  (January 22, 2019)

Ordinance No. 3447:  An Ordinance Amending the Salary/Remuneration of Appointed City Officers and Employees of the City of Columbia, Illinois for the Fiscal Year of the City Commencing May 1, 2018 and Ending April 30, 2019.  (February 4, 2019)

Ordinance No. 3448:  An Ordinance to Amend Title 18 of the City of Columbia Municipal Code to Amend the Fees and Charges to be Assessed for Eating and Drinking Establishments in the City Until Said Title 18 of the City’s Municipal Code is Again Amended by Ordinance of the City Enacted to Change Said Fees and Charges. (February 19, 2019)

Ordinance No. 3449:  An Ordinance Striking the Text from Section 5.20.240 of the City of Columbia Liquor Code. (February 19, 2019)

Ordinance No. 3450: An Ordinance Revising Parking Regulations for Certain Vehicles Within Residential Areas. (March 4, 2019)

Ordinance No. 3451: An Ordinance Renewing an Existing Franchise and Granting for a Period of 30 Years to Ameren Illinois, a Corporation, Its Successors and Assigns, the Franchise, Right, Permission and Authority to Construct, Reconstruct, Excavate for, Place, Remove, Extend, Maintain, and Operate a Gas Utility System in the City of Columbia, County of Monroe and State of Illinois. (March 4, 2019)

Ordinance No. 3452: An Ordinance Establishing an Administrative Procedure for Assessing and Determining Claims Under PSEBA. (March 4, 2019)