Future Options for Columbia's American Bottom

The beginnings of European settlement and economic development of the Columbia area and, in fact, the entire State of Illinois were in the American Bottom area along the Mississippi River. Two centuries later—for various reasons—more than 2,000 acres are still under agricultural use but primed for development along the curve of I-255 as it grazes the northwestern portion of Monroe County on the way to the Jefferson Barracks Bridge. 

Today, as part of the Comprehensive Plan revision process, the Columbia Plan Commission has identified four (4) potential concepts for future development of the area, which are shown below.
Concept 1 - Regional Distribution

This concept shows the area developed as a regional distribution center, largely hosting warehouse and distribution facilities as well as some, limited, office and commercial development; this concept would generally continue the development pattern envisioned for Dupo’s future growth, although the pattern would be different due to Columbia’s different zoning code.
Concept 1 - Distribution Center (Web).jpg

Concept 2 - Retail Distribution Center (Web).jpg Concept 2 - Retail / Distribution

This concept envisions much broader commercial development while continuing to anticipate warehouse and distribution uses; this concept is an updated version of the kind of development anticipated for this area in the previous decade.

Concept 3 - Entertainment

This concept portrays more unique, one-of-a-kind-in-the-region uses--like a major sports facility and a museum or other cultural attraction--with corresponding lodging and retail development.
Concept 3 - Entertainment (Web).jpg

Concept 4 - Reg Recreation (Web).jpg  Concept 4 - Regional Recreation

This concept shows the area developed as a regional recreation center with a variety of sports, interpretive and cultural uses and a more limited amount of commercial development and lodging.