Comprehensive Plan Revision

Plan Sections (with date of adoption, where applicable)
Electronic versions of each chapter are available below for public review; please direct questions to Sue Spargo, Community Relations & Tourism Coordinator, via email or by phone, (618) 281-7144 x.134.

Front Cover
Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Section 1   Vision and Guiding Principles
Section 2   Growth Capacity and Infrastructure
                  Map 2.1 Water Utilities
                  Map 2.2 Sanitary Sewer System
                  Map 2.3 Streets & Roads
                  Map 2.4 Watersheds
                  Section 2.5 Community Facilities
Section 3   City Wide Planning
Section 4   Mobility [Explore Columbia Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan, adopted March 2013]
Section 5   Housing and Neighborhoods
Section 6   Economic Development
                  Section 6.1 Main Street [Main Street District Plan, adopted January. 2015]
Section 7   Historic Preservation [Community Preservation Plan, adopted Sept. 2014]
                  Map 7.1 Landmark Properties (via RuskinArc website)
Section 8   Parks & Recreation
                  Section 8.1 Admiral Trost Development Park [Master Plan, adopted 2012]
                  Section 8.2 Admiral Trost Development Park Phase I Implementation
Section 9   Senior Services [Senior Services Assessment, adopted 2011]
Section 10 Land Use and Character
                  Map 10.1 Current Land Use
                  Map 10.2 Future Land Use
Section 11 Implementation
                  Section 11.1 Priorities
                  Section 11.2 Action Steps
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Printed versions of maps and other documents will be available, as they are approved, for public viewing at City Hall (208 S. Rapp Ave.) in the City Clerk’s Office during normal business hours of 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.

Help Chart the Future of Your Community
The general development plan (Comprehensive Plan) has been the cornerstone of American planning theory and practice since the early 1900's. The concept of such a plan has evolved to keep pace with changing needs and new theories of public decision-making. Some consistent elements characterize the Comprehensive Plan.

First, it is a physical plan. Although a reflection of social and economic values, the plan is fundamentally a guide to the physical development of the community. It translates values into a scheme that describes how, why, when, and where to build, rebuild, or preserve the community.

The second characteristic of the Comprehensive Plan is that it is long range, usually covering a time period of twenty years or more. It recognizes that an effective plan expresses current polices that will help shape the future. It should challenge and inspire with a vision of what might be while also describing how to get there. The Comprehensive Plan is a statement of policy, covering such community desires as quantity, character, location and rate of growth and indicating how these desires are to be achieved.

Columbia's Comprehensive Plan is the town's "vision" for future growth and development. The plan provides the policy directions for framing land use decisions and growth management initiatives. The current Comprehensive Plan was adopted in 2005 with the current update beginning in 2013 and continuing into next year while involving local residents to review the various sections or elements for needed updates and new ideas.

The updating process is an important one, and what direction it takes should be guided by those who live here; for that reason, having residents participate is key to the Comprehensive Plan and the goals it will help the community articulate and, then, achieve. Please take the opportunity to be a part of helping the Columbia Plan Commission define the best possible future for Columbia during the revision effort.