Building and Zoning

Building and Zoning Department

The Building Department is responsible for inspecting new construction, as well as inspecting existing housing and rental property, to establish conformance of codes to maintain the standard of living in the City of Columbia. Building codes are listed in Chapter 15 of the Columbia City Code.

Zoning enforcement and land use code enforcement is also handled by this department. A system is needed to protect our citizens' and business owners' properties through land use controls. Land use control is accomplished through the division of the land into “zones.” What is allowed in one zone may not be allowed in another zone. This assemblage of district regulations constitutes what is known as the zoning laws of the City. 

Department Employees

Justin Osterhage, Building Official

Justin performs building inspections during various construction phases and enforces the code to meet the requirements and standards of the City of Columbia and to avoid nuisance violations and complaints. Justin is also responsible for all rental property inspections and new business location inspections to confirm regulation and zoning restrictions are met.

Jessica Unger, Community Development Assistant

Jessica handles the day-to-day administrative duties for the Building & Zoning Department including processing building permits; rental property certificate of compliance permits; occupancy permits for business, rental and home property; sign permits; and code violation notices. Jessica also arranges public hearings with the appropriate boards and committees when requested.