Finding a Location in Columbia

11 South Groundbreaking (Web)_thumb.jpgColumbia's City Wide Master Plan (Comprehensive Plan), adopted in 2005, seeks carefully managed growth balanced with preservation of the city's cultural and architectural heritage. The plan establishes several more specific goals, including the preservation of the architectural & commercial integrity of Main Street, managing development along the I-255 corridor, and encouraging orderly growth along Illinois Route 3, the City's primary commercial corridor.

The Master Plan also identifies several planning districts, each of which presents somewhat different characteristics and opportunities for business locations occupying existing facilities or constructing new ones. This section of the website is designed just as a "first look" overview of each district, properties for lease and sites for new construction. Staff from the Community & Economic Development Department will be pleased to coordinate further investigation with the appropriate property owner(s) and real estate professionals.

The following pages explore each planning district along with each district's unique opportunities for development:

Resources to Help You Find a Location

For information regarding Columbia's retail trade area and basic demographics, consult our current Retail Outlook Guide. Information about individual buildings or sites available for sale or lease can be accessed via the LocationOne Information System (LOIS).