Garbage & Recycling Pickup

Pickup Days
There is a one-time/week pickup for 65 gallon garbage & recycle carts.  Carts must be out by 6am.
    - Tuesday garbage and recycling pickup on the east side of Main Street, 
    - Friday garbage and recycling pickup on the west side of Main Street.  
Any garbage over the one container limit for each scheduled garbage removal day must have a $1.00 garbage sticker attached to each additional 30 gallon container or bag.  Stickers are sold at Schnucks, Columbia Market, Ace Hardware and the Clerk's Office.

Items NOT ACCEPTED in Garbage Cart: 
Electronics (TVs, computers, monitors, printers, etc.), construction materials or landscape waste,  motor oil, insecticide, herbicide or hazardous chemical containers.  
Only clean recyclables as described below will be accepted.  All recyclables (including paper) can  be placed in the same recycle bin; no need to separate.  Please note, if non-recyclable items are included in your recycle cart, the recycle plant may reject the entire truck load of recyclable items.

Items NOT ACCEPTED in Recycle Cart:  
Light bulbs and window glass, styrofoam, bubble wrap, plastic grocery bags, newspaper wrappers, scrap metal as well as items listed above under "Not Accepted in Garbage Cart."

Accepted Recycle Items:

- Paper: Newspapers and inserts, magazines & posters, shopping catalogs, telephone books, junk mail & folders, office paper,        envelopes, self-stick notes, computer & wrapping paper;

- Glass: Brown, clear & green glass - jars and bottles must be washed out; no need to remove labels or rings around neck.  

- Tin/Steel & Aluminum Cans: Bi-metal & steel/tin (soup & vegetable cans), beer & soda cans.

- Aluminum Cans: Beer & soda cans

- Curragated & Single-Ply Cardboard: Please break down boxes so they are flat. 
Single-ply cardboard: cereal, pizza, soda/beer & food boxes; 
Corrugated cardboard: This includes moving boxes appliance & furniture, etc.
- Plastic: Household plastic containers - #1 through #7 (look for the recycle logo, it will show the number).  Milk jugs, plastic soda bottles, juice & detergent containers.
For a complete listing of accepted recyclable items and drop-off locations for other items click here.