City Treasurer

The Office of the City Treasurer receives, deposits and accounts for all monies paid to the City. The City Treasurer makes disbursements of Accounts Payable and Payroll that have been authorized by the City Council and invests the City funds that are not needed to meet current expenditures.

The Office of the City Treasurer maintains financial and accounting records, reports and statements. The work is performed in accordance with State Statutes and City Ordinances and is subject to review by the Mayor and City Council.

The City Treasurer assists with and maintains records for the various bond issues and also acts as paying agent for bond issues.

The City Treasurer acts as Custodian of the Fire and Police Pension funds. The Treasurer receives and accounts for all monies paid to the pension funds, prepares all disbursements, and prepares monthly investment reports and all other reports for the pension funds.

The Treasurer's office is located 208 South Rapp Avenue, Columbia, IL 62236 and can be reached by phone at (618) 281-7144 ext. 112.