Large Item Curbside Pickup

2018 Pickup Dates:

-Tuesday, February 20          -Tuesday, May 29          -Tuesday, September 4          -Tuesday, November 27  
A maximum of five (5) large items are allowed. Trash stickers are not needed for the first two (2) large items. The next three (3) large items will need three (3) $1.00 *stickers attached to each item.

* Stickers are sold at the Columbia Market, Ace Hardware of Columbia and the Clerk's Office at City Hall.

Acceptable items include appliances (with doors, compressors and electric motors removed - compressors and electric motors may then be discarded in the regular trash), furniture, hot water heaters, mattresses, box springs, treadmills (no need to remove motors), and push lawn mowers (must have all fluids drained and tires removed - riding lawn mowers will not be accepted).

Items NOT ACCEPTED * include construction materials (i.e. glass, carpeting, wood, doors, paneling, drywall, windows, shutters, siding, concrete, porcelain fixtures, bath tubs, toilets, cabinets, counter tops, and sinks), electronic products (televisions, monitors, printers, etc.), landscape waste, tires, hot tubs, riding lawn mowers, gas tanks, mirrors, pianos, organs, swimming pools, pool tables, arcade games, camper shells, and portable basketball hoops.
*Construction materials and other items not included may be taken to the Monroe County Dumpster Site behind the Monroe County Health Building, 901 Illinois Avenue, Waterloo, Illinois. Call 939-8681, ext. 247 for more information.

Items must be placed next to the curb by 6:00 a.m. on the day of pick-up.

REMINDER: Please consider recycling all electronics, computers, appliances, scrap metal, batteries, lawn mowers, hot water heaters, treadmills (items with a motor or electrical cord).  
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Please call the City Clerk's office at (618) 281-7144 ext. 100 with any questions.